May is national pet appreciation month (literally just found that out and still confused as to who sets these “National Appreciate your______” days) I can’t let this month pass without a fun blog post dedicated to our favorite (and only) pet, Lilah! Lilah is the cat we never knew we needed….. The story begins like this: One rainy, October day, I was feeling incredibly sad. It had been two months since my marriage of nearly 7 years fell apart and me and kids world came cr

A Survival Guide To Traveling With Kids

I wish I could say I’m one of those moms who LOVES traveling with her kids and takes them on adventures all over the world. The truth is simply this; I don’t like traveling with my kids (queue cringe face)! And what a relief it is to admit that without shame. I know this sentiment isn’t something that will last forever and SOME DAY traveling with my kids will be epic! I'm working my way through these feelings because I want my kids to experience traveling the world and see

Lilah: A Pet Love Story

National Appreciate Your Pet Day was a couple weeks ago, which sparked my thoughts of the special love story we have with our sweet cat, Lilah. It's been almost two years since adopting our little miracle cat. As I've mentioned before, I refer to Lilah as my "miracle pet" because she entered our lives when we were REALLY needing some extra love. It's also a miracle that I'm not allergic to her considering the fact that I've been deathly allergic to cats my entire life. So w


A couple weekends ago, the kids and I had the chance to head to Oklahoma City for a fun filled weekend away. Maddox didn’t join us this time; he was getting over a cold and I’m still working into traveling with ALL three kids on my own. Thankfully he was happy to stay with Mimi and Papa and get spoiled rotten. Traveling with Audri and Kai has been a new and epic adventure this past year. The older they get, the more appreciation they have for experiencing new places. When I

Surviving Summer With My Kids!

Summer is here and with it comes a pile of mixed emotions for me. On one hand, I'm JAZZED that I no longer have to be at war with all the unmatched socks in my house or feel the need to deal with socks in general since we all wear sandals most days. And then there's the fact that I have three littles, five and under who can wage a much more intense "war" on me during these long summer months. But jokes aside, the summer is a sweet spot for us and I need to do more than ju


I've wanted to start a blog for years…, YEARS. And here’s where I get down to the honesty stuff; I've never started a blog because I was afraid. Afraid of failure. Afraid of judgements. Afraid that all these crazy thoughts in my head would make it on to someone’s screen and they’d judge the heck out of me. And the crazy thing is, my life is basically an open book. I share A LOT on my youtube channel, but there’s something about writing that just feels so raw to me.