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  • Britt N.


I've wanted to start a blog for years…, YEARS. And here’s where I get down to the honesty stuff; I've never started a blog because I was afraid. Afraid of failure. Afraid of judgements. Afraid that all these crazy thoughts in my head would make it on to someone’s screen and they’d judge the heck out of me. And the crazy thing is, my life is basically an open book. I share A LOT on my youtube channel, but there’s something about writing that just feels so raw to me. It’s as if I’m allowing people into this little portal of my inner self and it’s scary. BUT since the theme of my life these days seems to be “go do all the things that you’re absolutely terrified of", here I am. The BLOG! I'm terrified and absolutely thrilled to wander down a new avenue. Thanks for coming along….


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