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  • Britt N.

My Rules of {Style}

{Style} has been something that's evolved for me over the years. When I was five, my definition of style could be summed up in one word; PURPLE. As in, I wore purple from head to toe that entire year. Speed up a few years to high school when style meant shopping at the place all the "cool kids" went to and trying to look cute enough to get my crush to talk to me...oh the maturity. My current definition of {Style} is more of a feeling that can be summed up in one "golden rule"; wear what makes you feel like you. Whether it's a pair of skinny jeans and a sweat shirt or a maxi dress.

Wearing what makes me feel beautiful or most like myself is my ultimate fashion goal! Over the years I've worked hard to identify what {my} style is and drown out the voices of what I think I need to be. I believe we are MOST beautiful when we're being exactly who we were created to be. So rock what you like and let that beauty shine...


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