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My Miracle Pet

If you asked me 10 years ago if I'd ever be a proud owner of a cat, I would have laughed in your face. One, because I’m extremely allergic, and two because I’ve always been more of a dog lover (mainly due to reason number one). But, in sticking to the “theme” of my life these days, I’m living out something I never thought would be a reality and loving it! I adopted my adorable cat Lilah, last fall from a local shelter. I call Lilah my miracle because I prayed for a low maintenance, lovable pet that I would somehow NOT be allergic to; and along came Lilah.

Lilah's adoption was a "spur of the moment" decision (WAY out of my character). After seeing her picture on the website, I felt a special connection and had to go visit. I kept telling myself I was only going to visit but not adopt her. WRONG! After hanging with her for less than an hour, I was sold. She was playful yet calm. Snuggly but completely independent. The perfect mix of sass and sweet. She also happened to be half off the usual price of cat adoption that day (and I love a good sale!) On a cold, rainy day in October, I became a proud owner of my little miracle pet.

As a novice cat owner, I assumed Lilah wouldn’t shed because she has short hair. Wow was I wrong! Her vet assured me the excessive shedding is a one time of year sort of thing but it’s out of control! I find little tufts of hair all around the house and it’s difficult to keep up with. Cleaning has never been my forte and with three messy kids, fur balls is a TOTAL turn off. All my feelings of love and adoration slowly seem to fade with each pile of cat hair I find. Cue magical cleaning products that make the entire process a breeze. I’ve always been a fan of my Swiffer Sweeper and Duster, but after adopting Lilah, these products have become my cleaning partners. The Swiffer Sweeper is the only thing that is able to grab all the tiny cat hairs; trap and lock those babies in one quick sweep. I also utilize the Swiffer Duster for all the tiny spots that cat hair seems to settle

Lilah remains oblivious to her mess but lucky for me Swiffer understands that #ShedHappens and created the perfect products to deal with it! I can go back to loving and snuggling her instead of side eyeing her for shedding.

That's our adoption story...and I think it's pretty fantastic. Huge shout out to Swiffer for sponsoring this post. I would LOVE to read your tales of adoption, so feel free to share in the comments!

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