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When Coffee Is Bae

Have you ever been in love with someone for so long, you’re not even sure of the exact moment you fell??? When did it turn from infatuation to love? When did it go from “I like you a lot” to “I’m obsessed with you”? These are the exact same questions that raced through my mind when someone asked me when I fell in love with coffee….

It all started my sophomore year of high school. I was looking for an after school job to help fund my overly zealous saving goals (yep, I’ve always been a nerdy, Type A about that kind of stuff). One of my friends was working at a coffee shop in the mall and she mentioned they were hiring. I knew nothing about coffee but it seemed easy enough so I said yes! I ended up working there for 3 years and THAT, my friends, is where I fell in love with coffee. The first few months of working as a barista was enlightening; especially in a mall. We had the usuals who came in and ordered the same thing everyday ( employees or mall walkers) and then there were the people who didn't really like coffee at all but wanted to feel cool by drinking it. They would order something with the least amount of caffeine and extra pumps of syrup.

Speed up to my college years. I learned quickly that coffee shops were totally my scene. Comfy and inviting, allowing me to be the some-what social introvert that I am. They were also full of very good looking baristas ; a win on all fronts.

My go-to coffee drink has changed a lot over the years. In the beginning, like most, I didn’t like the flavor of coffee so I masked it with sweet syrups and milk. As I tried out more drinks and various coffee making methods, I realized perfectly roasted coffee, made well, taste amazing on it’s own. My at home coffee making method has transformed over the years as well. As I've learned more about coffee beans and what taste good to me, I've become obsessed with the French Press method. I keep it super simple. Starting with an amazing bag of beans. I grind them (coarsely) each morning, add hot water, brew and enjoy.

And because my blog post wouldn't be complete without it, here are a few of my current favorite coffee spots (only a few because my list could actually go for days):

Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters

Not only do they have AMAZING coffee BUT they also offer unique options like their "It's Lit Mocha"....which in fact, is VERY lit and crazy delicious! The vibe of the shop is laid back and cozy with options for relaxing with a book or working on your computer. They also have a cereal in, any kind of cereal you could ever dream of. I enjoy a bowl or two when I'm there and I can always get the kids excited to go when I mention ALL they can eat cereal! (Located at 419 E. 18th St. Kansas City, MO.)

The Wild Way Coffee

A mobile coffee camper that happens to have some of the city's BEST coffee! Not to mention their made from scratch syrups, seasonal drinks and the sweetest owner/barista. I ALWAYS stop by to grab a drink when I'm in the area! ( Located on 31st & Gillham in Kansas City, MO.)

Methodical Coffee

One of my favorite parts of traveling is trying out local coffee shops. It's fun when I can walk from wherever I'm staying and happen upon the local's favorite. That's exactly what happened when I landed in Greenville, South Carolina for a business trip. While exploring the area near my hotel, I asked several locals where "the spot" was for good coffee. Everyone said I had to try Methodical. So I did AND I was beyond impressed.

The vibe of the shop was intimate and classy. I ordered a pour over coffee that was made to perfection. Their coffee beans were so good I snagged a bag to take home. (Located at 101 N. Main St. Greenville, SC)

COFFEE will always have my heart. It’s been a warm welcome during early morning wake up calls with little ones. It’s been a gentle whisper of encouragement while up studying late for a test in college. A boost of confidence for those scary moments of life that come at you too fast. It’s the one constant in my life; a love always worth having. So cheers to another cup for all my fellow coffee lovers.


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