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Updated: Apr 4, 2020

A couple weekends ago, the kids and I had the chance to head to Oklahoma City for a fun filled weekend away. Maddox didn’t join us this time; he was getting over a cold and I’m still working into traveling with ALL three kids on my own. Thankfully he was happy to stay with Mimi and Papa and get spoiled rotten.

Traveling with Audri and Kai has been a new and epic adventure this past year. The older they get, the more appreciation they have for experiencing new places. When I told them we would be heading to Oklahoma City to sight see AND go to a OKC Thunder game, their little eyes lit up! And since we were flying this time instead of driving they were ecstatic.

Upon arriving to OKC, we made our way to our hotel. I was excited to be invited to stay at Avid Hotels, the first location ever in Oklahoma City, Quail Springs! Not only was it fun to try out the first location of this brand new hotel, but also experience the new concept Avid Hotels offers. I was also interested to see if it would meet the needs of traveling with kids; because let's be honest, kids require a little extra sometimes....

One of my favorite aspects of our room was the bright yet calming color. I've stayed in quite a few hotels; not sure why dark and dreary seems to be the go to color scheme in most spaces. Loved that Avid Hotels makes use of brighter hues. Audri wanted me to be sure to point out that all of the beds were very "jumpable" AND comfy!

After a great night of sleep the kids woke up with the question they always POP up asking: "What's for breakfast?" Normally I'm panicked or ready to just spend all the money to order room service. Yet another plus to staying at Avid Hotels; they offer quick and convenient breakfast options to grab and go. We planned to make the most of our day before heading to the OKC Thunder game in the evening, so grab and go was the perfect option for us.

Both kids felt empowered getting to choose their own little breakfast. Kailand went with his go to of yogurt and Audri couldn't decide between cereal or a hard boiled egg (her absolute so she chose both. I loaded up with fruit and all the COFFEE and even snagged a few snacks for later in the day!!!

It turns out that we picked the BEST weekend to explore OKC! The weather was amazing and we decided to check out a fun local event called Pumpkinville! It was the last day of the event and I'm so glad we had a chance to go.

This place was a kid's dream. There was a carousel, corn maze, a giant slide, ball pits, face painting and tons of other fun Fall themed games to enjoy! Audri told me to "calm down" multiple times because I just couldn't contain my excitement.

And as if all that wasn't enough, we found a self serve shaved ice truck! We totally spoiled our lunch and had dessert first because you can't say no to shaved ice!

After a fun filled morning and an epic afternoon nap, we made our way to the Avid Hotels Pop Up Hotel Event at the Oklahoma City Thunder game! Audri met two of the sweetest OKC Thunder Cheerleaders who made her day with a picture.

The Avid Hotels Pop-Up Hotel was such a unique experience. The event was created to give people a chance to see what Avid Hotels offer from their fresh room concepts to their affordable options. Even though we were already staying at the hotel it was fun to see an exact recreation and take part in the activities!

The virtual reality was a hit with the kids! They couldn't get over how "real" it looked...LOL.

After the pop up hotel event, we made our way to the OKC Thunder game and ended the night stuffing our faces with yummy food and cheering! HUGE thank you to Avid Hotels for sponsoring our trip and giving us a chance to experience their fresh, fun and affordable hotel! This trip goes down as one of my favorites and can't wait for our next adventure! Would LOVE to read about some of YOUR favorite places to travel so feel free to leave them in the comments of this post!

*To plan YOUR stay at Avid Hotels, check out the link below!

*This post is in partnership with Avid Hotels but all the thoughts/opinions are mine.

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