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HI, My Name Is Brittany....

It’s 2019 and I came to the CRAZY realization that I hadn’t posted on my blog at all this year! WHOOPS! So as a bit of a (re) introduction, I’m sharing 5 FUN and somewhat RANDOM FACTS about ME!

1. Hi, my name is Brittany and I’m an INTROVERT. Some people are shocked by this fact because I’ve learned to REALLY come out of my shell over the years. And as much as I enjoy meeting new people and social events (ok, who am I kidding, social events are hard for me…lol) I recharge THE best , by spending time alone. Sitting quietly in a room of people and observing has always been most comfortable to me. It’s fascinating to watch interactions and not feel the need to insert myself into every conversation or be “seen”.

2. I have 4 tattoos! I got my latest ink on a trip to Arizona earlier this month. All four of my tattoos have personal meanings from events in my life that shaped who I am today. I also find it hilarious that I got all of my tattoos after the age of 30.

3. I'm allergic to apples. Yes, it’s VERY random and somewhat odd. As a kid, I was highly allergic. I would break out with a terrible rash if I ate one. I’ve grown out of it a bit and can handle eating a few a week but still have to keep them to a minimum.

4. When I was a kid, I had an imaginary sister I talked to every night before bed. Yep, you can laugh now. I’ve actually never told anyone about that. I ALWAYS wanted a sister (as much as I love my big bro) so every night at bedtime, I’d lay in my bed a talk to her about my day.

5. After years of thinking I was more of a city/indoor person, I've realized that I LOVE outdoor adventures. Hiking and exploring makes my heart so happy and there’s something inspiring about being in the midst of nature. On days I’m feeling stressed, a simple walk can dramatically change my mood. My goal is to go on more outdoor adventures and be one of those people that can go camping and actually survive over night!

So there you have it! You now know 5 ridiculously random facts about me! I’d LOVE to read a few fun facts about YOU so be sure to drop them in the comment section!

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