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A Style Story: Mixing Prints

My Style Story begins like this…..Once upon a time, I failed to do my laundry and had to piece random things I found in the “clean” pile into something cohesive. In the madness, I somehow stumbled upon two CUTE outfits . These two outfits brought me to the realization that my personal style has evolved into a space that feels absolutely freeing! So, here's a little breakdown of the outfits.

Outfit Number One:

Lately I’ve had fun mixing and matching prints. I laid eyes on these fabulous black pants with giant, white polka dots from dressed in LALA (the cutest online boutique) . They called my name while I was scrolling through the website’s New Arrivals section; “BRITTANY! BUY US! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO”. Best purchase ever! I'm in love with the comfy, loose fit and pairing them with the yellow tank I snagged from Forever 21 just felt right. I finished the outfit with my go-to pair of white converses. Threw my hair into loose pigtails (yes, you can still wear pigtails at the age of 32…LOL) and a black cabbie hat. DONE! The most effortless outfit that made me feel at ease while also being stylish.

Outfit Number Two:

This throw together ensemble came to me when I was rushing around my bedroom, digging through laundry baskets. Shirt, check, shorts….. “oh I have a new pair in that Forever 21 bag in the corner” (because THIS is how organized my life is.....LOL) After throwing the outfit on, I realized it needed a little extra something. That "something" turned out to be my favorite pair of VANS. I love the idea of mixing the checkered print VANS with the soft , black and white stripes on my shorts. Just enough “clash” to be different but enough coordination to keep my over analytical brain calm.

As we come to the end of my style story, I'll leave you with a few "tips". Choose outfits that make your soul come alive; that bring ease and confidence. Clothes are merely pieces of fabric sewn together. The style story begins when YOU put it on, walk out the door and rock it! You don’t have to spend tons of money, fit into a certain size or be "on trend". Remember to wear what makes YOU feel the most like YOU and have fun doing it!

I would LOVE to read your style "stories" or inspiration; feel free to drop them in the comments below!



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