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A few weeks ago I was shopping at one of my FAVORITE stores. A store that I’m pretty sure I’m too old to be shopping at but I refuse to give up; FOREVER 21! Yep, at the ripe age of 33, I find myself browsing amongst the young and trendy. During my latest shopping adventure I happened upon a fabulous pair of overalls! The wash, the cut and the style all screamed “yes girl, you want me!” So of course I grabbed them and headed straight to the dressing room.

Now, can we take a moment to talk about the dressing room; a place where things can go well or very wrong depending on my mood, level of bloating and mental capacity that day. This particular day I was feeling excited , optimistic and determined. Door shut and facing the mirror, I gave myself a pep talk; “they’re cute and they WILL fit!” (it was more of a chant). One foot was in and then the other. Up next was pulling them over my thighs. Now this is sometimes where problems arise because my thighs have always been just a little larger than every other area of my body (pear shaped ladies, can I get an AMEN?!)

Long story short, I got them on with a lot of wiggling and shimming and they were A PERFECT FIT. And as I danced in my dressing room I wondered how it was possible for a pair of overalls that took over a minute to get on could fit so flawlessly.

And right then it hit me! These overalls are the perfect metaphor for life lately. My life has felt so much like a “wiggle and shimmy” to make things “fit”. But somehow they always do. Each day I wake up and feel slightly inadequate and unsure; unsure of the future and unsure if who I’m becoming will “fit” into this unknown future. And then it all made sense….change is uncomfortable. Moving from old and familiar to abundance and growth can feel like a life that doesn't fit; a lot like a pair of overalls or jeans that haven’t been “broken” in. You know this new change will be amazing but it feels so foreign you want to put it back on the rack and find your “go to” habits (or pair of jeans you normally wear but don’t flatter you at all). And this is the point where this metaphor made more sense in my head. But if you get anything out of this blog post, get this; CHANGE IS NOT YOUR ENEMY, but fighting it WILL be your kryptonite.

So instead of putting it back on the rack because it feels like it won’t fit, give it a chance. Shimmy into it. Walk in it. Dance in it. And I bet you’ll find that it looks rather amazing on you….

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