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Lazy Days & Library Faves

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Libraries have always held a special place in my heart. Not sure if it's the endless shelves of books that I find comforting or the cozy and quiet spaces. As a kid I recall library days being one of my favorite outings. My mom would grab our library book bag (you know, that random, reusable bag that's the perfect size for loading up with books) and we'd walk to our neighborhood library.

Fast forward to when Audri was about 6 months and I was desperate to find an outing for us. Just a place to get out of the house for a few hours and maybe meet other moms....THE LIBRARY! Not sure if it was desperation or my inner love of libraries but library day yet again became my favorite day of the week. I was now the one grabbing the library book bag, loading Audri up in her stroller and heading to "Baby Bounce" story time at my local library. Full disclosure, the baby bounce class wasn't a hit for her and I was basically dragging her there for my own entertainment. Mom life can be a lonely one....and that library outing became my saving grace for a lot of years (can I get an amen???)

All three of my kids love going to the library and my inner nerd screams with pride every time we go and I see their faces light up.

Maddox is usually more focused on the toys than books but that's totally fine with me. He was all about building the biggest tower possible; which kept him occupied and out of trouble for a good 20 minutes. I normally pick a few books I think he'd be into while he plays.

Kailand recently moved from his Halloween book obsession to insect/reptile books. Spiders, beetles and snakes are his latest muse. I do my best to guide their book selections while allowing space for personal interests.... (although, full disclosure, I was about to shut down the Halloween book obsession now that it's nearly February...LOL).

Audri, my avid reader already knew exactly what books she was on the hunt for. Her latest book obsession is the Junie B. Jones series (CLASSIC! I'm thrilled she discovered this series and loves it).

After book hunting, the kids decided a game of hide-n-seek was the "perfect" activity for a quiet library. I eventually shut it down after they proceeded to get way too loud BUT in my book, this library outing was a major SUCCESS!

And because sharing is caring and you all might be on the hunt for a few good reads, here are the library books we found.


Spy Penguins: The Spy Who Loved Ice Cream By Sam Hay

The Princess Who Flew With Dragons By Stephanie Burgis

Junie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy By Denise Brunkus

Junie B. First Grader: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! By Denise Brunkus

The Spider By Elise Gravel

Not Quite Snow White By Ashley Franklin

I Love You More Than.... By Taye Diggs

Here are a few of our all time favorite books. We discovered them at the library and eventually added them to our personal collection because they're just THAT good!

(added links to Amazon incase you're wanting to snag them; just click on the title)

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