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Dinner, With A Side Of Gratitude... can't even remember and all of this still feels like a bizarre dream. But let's focus on the positive! We've officially made it through our first week of homeschooling and Mama is TIRED. As empowering as it's been to teach the children, feed the children (all 3 meals, all the days), it's been equally exhausting. Speed up to Thursday, around 3 ish...when Audri asks me the question of the day....."what are we having for dinner?" UGH! What ARE we having? And suddenly dinner felt like another mountain to climb. And then I shamed myself for feeling as though making dinner was a burden. But back to what's for dinner....

After taking inventory of the refrigerator and my mental capacity, I went with the "order online and pick up to-go" option. Now, for what we were craving....I was in full comfort food mode. Diner food! Shout out to Black Bear Diner for "checking" ALL my "boxes"! Tasty comfort food AND an order online/pick up option (for my KC readers, there's 2 locations! One in Olathe and one in Independence).

Walking through the front door with dinner in hand and my sanity still intact felt like the biggest win of the week! A win of the week that pre-pandemic, I wouldn't have thought twice about.

"Winning" and finding moments of gratitude has been my saving grace in these scary and weird times. I'm grateful to even have the privilege of grabbing food to go. I'm grateful to have three beautiful babies to eat dinner with. But I digress....back to the food!

So, what did we order????

The "Bear Cubs" ordered:

Chicken Strips (with a side of THE BEST BBQ SAUCE) and Mac n Cheese!

* There were quite a few happy dances going down while we ate...LOL

The Mama Bear ordered:

Chicken Fried Steak, smothered in country gravy with a side of veggies!

And of course we topped it off with the BEST chocolate cake I've had in a long time. I managed to snag a few bites before it was devoured in seconds by the baby bears.

We chose the dinner option but Black Bear Diner also has breakfast AND lunch entrees you can order to-go from their speciality menu. I can't wait to check out their adorable diner and full menu when this quarantine ends.

So, with a full belly and a giant mug of my favorite tea I'll leave you with this....

A simple list of what I'm grateful for....Right here and right now, in spite of it all...

I'm G R A T E F U L For:

The opportunity to stretch and grow...Grow in stillness, in faith and trust.

Three littles who keep me busy, somewhat insane and very entertained.

Food! Food that comforts the body and soul.

A new perspective on life....a perspective I didn't know I needed to be introduced to.

Community (a community that I can only experience and love from a distance right now, but one that is SO beautiful and ready to come together to help each other).

So, that's it friends. Dinner, with a side of gratitude! Huge thank you to Black Bear Diner for the lovely food and inspiring this food for thought! Be sure to check them out in your city (they have locations all around the country!)

Order a family meal to go (HERE!) and make a list of things you're grateful for (even if it's just chocolate cake!)

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