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Britt’s Picks: My Favorite Playlist!

January 28, 2020




Music has the ability to speak to the deepest places of our souls…..ok, maybe that’s a little over dramatic but you get the point…LOL    A month or so ago, I lost the music tab on my Instagram stories. The BIGGEST {first world} problem of all times and a major bummer because I LOVE sharing my favorite songs.  Filming a mediocre video clip, adding a filter and picking THE perfect song is sort of my jam.  BUT since that isn’t an option for me (at least not on Instagram) I threw together a Spotify Playlist of a few favorites. This might be the most random assortment of songs you’ll ever find in a playlist BUT it's sure to put you in a good mood (I tested this out by listening to it when I was in the WORST mood.  And it really did brighten my day)!!! The kids also enjoy this playlist (which is mostly kid friendly. I did my best to avoid any explicit or very "suggestive"  songs) and refer to it as “mommy’s songs”.




Hope this playlist makes your heart sing and your day a little brighter.   Feel free to add YOUR favorite songs in the comments! I'm always looking for new music!


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February 11, 2020

November 26, 2019

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