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Life Lately....

Dropping by to share a few life happenings. A “come hang for a bit on my porch and chat” sort of post; so make yourself at home, grab your favorite drink and stay awhile….


It’s crazy to realize the summer is in full swing and school will be starting again before I know it. My kids head back to school in August and I’m feeling currently EXCITED with a hint of sadness. Working from home and entertaining three kids is always challenging for me and I’ve finally accepted the challenge without shame this year.

At the beginning of the summer I planned to make this GIANT Summer Bucket List. It sounded great in theory, but turned out to be way too much pressure. Moving with the flow of life has felt peaceful. And although a lot of days feel like we’re at each other’s throats, there’s also been some wonderful moments in this little summer life. So here are my favorites so far:

Slow mornings on the porch:

Easy mornings on the porch consists of breakfast, coffee, music, and dream sharing. The complete opposite of our normal school year morning rush.

Extra time to clean/decorate my house: Audri’s birthday party was a major KICK in the pants in the cleaning department of my home (a.k.a. I’m horrible at keeping on top of a cleaning schedule and ran around like a mad woman to get the house somewhat clean for the day of her party.... LOL). Since then, I've been motivated to keep up the “clean” house and found a bit of a cleaning schedule I can stick to. It’s also been creatively relaxing to work on a few decorative projects I've wanted to do for months; like this little corner in my bathroom.

Three kids and a cat do a NUMBER on my house so finding products that are affordable AND functional has made such a difference! I’ve mentioned it before but why not share again! I”m a huge fan of the Swiffer Pet products for cleaning up after Lilah's cat hair. The Swiffer Duster Heavy Duty Pet Refills and Sweeper Wet and Dry Refills, trap and lock the hair that seems to settle everywhere and actually gathers it up versus just moving it around (like other dusters I've attempted to use)!

*Lilah, unbothered but also impressed by Swiffer Sweeper Pet Refills and Swiffer Duster. She jumped up there all on her own for a closer look....LOL

Pool Life: I FINALLY found a pool that doesn’t stress me out. I can keep track of everyone easily and actually LOUNGE. Also jazzed this pool has a sand pit, so when everyone is tired of swimming, sand castle making is next up! Maddox is especially fond of the sand and could spend hours playing in there!

~Library Days: Call me old fashion, but I'm still a HUGE fan of libraries. When I was little, we spent hours at our local library and it was my favorite! Now that I'm a parent I see why my mom took us there for hours. It's FREE entertainment and educational! We easily pass a few hours at our local spots!

That's my little roundup of favorite summer moments so far and I plan to do my best to cherish these sweet moments with my littles! I would love to read some of your summer favorites so feel free to drop them in the comments below.

**This post is sponsored by Swiffer but as usual, the thoughts and opinions are all me.

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