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May is national pet appreciation month (literally just found that out and still confused as to who sets these “National Appreciate your______” days) I can’t let this month pass without a fun blog post dedicated to our favorite (and only) pet, Lilah!

Lilah is the cat we never knew we needed…..

The story begins like this:

One rainy, October day, I was feeling incredibly sad. It had been two months since my marriage of nearly 7 years fell apart and me and kids world came crashing down. I was doing my best to “make the most of it” and be brave, and strong and ALL the things you do when you’re a mama. But it was beyond hard and most days felt so difficult. On this particular day, I decided we needed a little relief. We needed a pet! I’ve always been more of a dog person due to the fact that cats make me sneeze uncontrollably. So why, you may ask did I get on a pet adoption website and look in the cat category?? I HAVE NO IDEA; but I credited divine intervention!

I sat on the computer for about an hour looking through pictures of cats….and came across Lilah’s picture (her name when I adopted her was Selma). Something caught my eye about her little face and her gorgeous eyes! I read the description which read: “Selma is a loving, playful cat, a little over a year old. She was found on the side of the road, pregnant and alone” HOW SAD!!! She was dumped! I could totally relate….in a weirdly hilarious but not so hilarious way. That was the moment I knew she was meant to be ours. I headed over to the shelter promising myself that if she was the cat for us, I would magically NOT be allergic to her.

Long story short, I adopted her that day AND was really allergic to her for a few days but ended up building an immunity to her and have had zero problems since. I credit that to her short hair breed but also to finding amazing cleaning solutions for all the cat hair and fur. I’ll be honest to say when she began to shed I started to regret my decision just a little. But we loved her and she brought so much joy to our lives I couldn’t give up on her over some cat hair. Queue music and Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Pet Refills! I can whip one out and use it to trap and lock all the cat hair that seems to settle over everything! I also love Febreze Fabric Pet Odor Eliminator because I don’t have the heart to keep Lilah off furniture, but don’t want everything spelling like a cat. With all of the stresses in single mom life, the last thing I need to do is sweat my pet; shout out to Swiffer and Febreze for products that keep my house clean (as clean as possible with 3 kids running around) and me less stressed.

So, the moral of the story; if you're sad, get a pet. But in all seriousness, Lilah has been such a blessing to our family and I wouldn’t trader her hair shedding, sassy attitude for anything! Are you celebrating National Pet Day? I’d love to hear your pet stories so share away!!!

Ps. I snagged my Swiffer and Febreze products at Target! Head to your local Target to grab them so you #DontSweatTheMess and enjoy your pet!

*This post is sponsored by Swiffer but as usual, the thoughts and opinions are all me.

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