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Seven Ways To Stay Sane While Staying Home

Social Distancing....a new phrase we throw around now but at the same time feels insane. It's crazy to think about what life was like even a month ago. Having the freedom to come and go, eat out, see movies, take vacations. But here we our homes (as much as possible). It's as if we've pushed a giant "pause" button on life. We can see our new homebound situation as a prison OR we can choose to find the "freedom" in it.

So, how do you stay sane while staying home??? Here's a few things I've found helpful while navigating this new "normal".

Seven Ways To Stay Sane While Staying Home:

1. Create A Daily Schedule:

You can only Netflix & Chill for so long before boredom creeps in. Life can feel monotonous when all the days run together. Creating a set schedule/routine will keep each day focused.

The details of your schedule is up to you but I enjoy adding spaces for lunch breaks, reading breaks and exercise.

2. Make A To Do List:

As someone who's worked from home for a LONG time, to do lists have been my "secret weapon" to knock out mindlessness and wasting time. Think of specific tasks you want to accomplish, put them on a list and cross them off throughout the day. Daily to do list tasks can be as simple as "fold the laundry" or "workout for 20 minutes".

3. Get Dressed

This is something I've adopted over the years and it makes a HUGE difference. Waking up, choosing an outfit and getting ready for the day is the "on" switch for your brain. It's like that little reminder that says, "nope, you are NOT going to sit and sulk all day, you're going to be productive!" I've noticed a huge difference in my mood and productivity on days I put on "real clothes" vs. shuffling around in sweatpants.

4. Get Fresh Air

Now this can be tricky with our current situation and need for social distancing, but stepping out on a porch or patio just to breathe in some fresh air clears the mind. It's amazing what a few minutes outdoors can do for the mind and body.

5. Unplug:

As a digital content creator, I spend a large portion of my day working/engaging on social platforms. Forcing myself to unplug each day allows for rest and leaves room for creativity. Social media is a great way to feel connected and stay informed, but spending endless hours on it can leave your brain tired and over stimulated. Take time each day (or even multiple days) to unplug, rest your mind and just be still.

6. Schedule Calls/Video Chats With Friends:

We can't go out for drinks with friends BUT we can still have wine and chats from afar! Set up times with friends and family to talk on the phone or video chat! Social distancing doesn't mean we have to be lonely.

7. Journal Daily:

With all the uncertainty and unrest, stress can take a toll on mental health. For me, journaling has been a mental release. A moment in my day to acknowledge my feelings whether I'm happy, sad, discouraged or just down right angry. Getting them out of my head and documenting even the hard days calms my soul.

So that's my list! And at the end of the day, all of this will never feel "normal" but at least we can give ourselves ways to focus and attempt to thrive. And through it all, there will be days that move slowly and you won't be productive AND that's ok too. Sending you all virtual hugs!

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