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Loungewear & Slow Days

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

2020....the year I stepped up my loungewear game. This year has also taught me the importance of SLOWING DOWN. Not only physically, but mentally. On days I feel stress rising and anxiety growing, I do everything in my power to just rest. Still my body, log off social media and check in with myself. And sometimes that means I can't say yes to all the things; which is hard for my people pleasing tendencies. But WOW does it feel good to choose my mental health over making everyone happy all the dang time.

So, cheers to loungewear and slow days. Days where it's ok to NOT complete the entire To Do list. Days where you read the book you've been meaning to read for months. Days where you turn your phone off. Days where you take a long walk just to clear your mind. Cheers to resting your mind and body.

Found this cozy lounge set on Amazon!! Tap for links! I'm wearing a size XS. Soft and also stretchy for extra comfort.

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Lisa Young
Lisa Young

Really cute lounge wear set! Looks cozy!

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