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In Year 31...

New Year’s Resolutions…. Does anyone else feel soooo much pressure going into the new year to have a list of epic goals to accomplish for the coming year? I’ve always been a goal oriented person but have never done well under pressure; so the pressure of “the new year, new you” mantra has always had the opposite affect on me.

Instead of waking up January 1st, feeling like I needed to dive into a giant list of random “stuff” to do, I decided to step back. As in, start months before the new year. On September 13th, {my birthday} I made a lists of {I wills} ….a list of things I can actually grasp and reach for versus ambiguous goals of things I want but have no idea of getting or truly need. So here it is…

In year 31…

I will…

Travel the world.

Follow my dreams (yes, those, the ones you tell yourself can’t actually happen)

Do {things} that scare me.

Fall deeply in love with my Savior.

Fall deeply in love with me.

Nourish my body and soul.

Be present and {love} the present

Grow in financial wisdom

So whether I’m calling them resolutions or goals, thats my list of {I wills} and I'm jumping into this new year full of SO much hope and a little {hustle}...


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