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I’m NOT a brand. I’m a person. You're NOT a mindless minion that I use and manipulate to buy the shiz I’m selling; you’re a person.

Influencer, Content Creator, Social Media Specialist, seem to be some of the terms we frequently toss on profiles or pages (yep, calling myself out). BUT what we really mean is, buy this stuff I’m"selling" because this brand is paying me to tell you about it (not always, but sometimes)....

Now don’t get me wrong! You will most certainly see “branded” posts on my social platforms! This {*social media} is how I make a living. Bills need to be paid and my kid needs diapers and what not…LOL. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be able to merge life AND work into one, while connecting with so many people. It's a HUMONGOUS BLESSING. By no means, is this a “dig” on entrepreneurship or branding. The hustle is real and I’m all for growing your business and being your own boss. BUT, at the end of the day, I want people and relationships to be MORE important than “selling” myself or brand. My ultimate purpose is to connect with the AMAZING people who choose to “follow” me and care about my oh-so-normal life. I want my “brand” to rep something deeper than just the temporary "stuff" that consumes so much of our lives (although the temporary stuff has it's place too). I want to promote an image that dives deeper than a perfectly put together “mama-preneur”. When you come to Britt’s Space, I want you to leave feeling like you gained something; whether it’s a coupon code or info about something dope (maybe a brand….LOL) or maybe just some encouragement that you aren’t alone and that you aren’t the only one struggling through this messy life. Sometimes I’m too relational and not “business” minded enough. Sometimes I post really vulnerable, open “ish” that I should probably keep to myself. BUT at the end of the day, we’re ALL people, with souls and minds and thoughts and feelings that need to be expressed/felt. And at the end of the day, (or the beginning or the middle) we get on social media to feel less alone. To connect. To listen. To be heard...

I see you and I hear you. I’m thankful you’re here and I'm thankful for the opportunity to connect with you.


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